Red leather Japanese

18. mars 2011


Another and quite different looking piece of leather that I got for my birthday. This leather was much stiffer, and I didn’t think I could glue it down over the hinge properly, but it was just fine. The front cover consists of two thinner bookboards glued together, the outer one with a hole to fit the inlay with the Japanese paper.

11 signatures a 2 folios.


Diamond X with a very rough edge

13. mars 2011


I got some lovely leather for my 40th birthday, and this particular hide had a beautiful suede-like inside, so I chose to use it inside-out. It has a Diamond X-stitching (Keith Smith), which I tried for the first time, and I love the look of it! As I cut the leather, I noticed the interesting rough edges of the hide, so I kept the top edge as you can see. I think it looks sort of nice…what do you think?
I will be adding a leather strap instead of this ribbon.
Hopefully I will find the time to make more leather bindings like this, because my friend Line offered to take some books to Stiklestad this Summer, for the medieval market. It would be fun to try that!


Lillepia skriver grøsser

1. juli 2010


Lillepia har fått seg en fin Paperblanks-bok, og i den vil hun skrive historier. Hun begynner med en skikkelig skummel en, som dere ser! Mamman er imponert over at femåringen har fått til dette helt alene!!!! Det siste ordet her skal være “for livet”, men resten tror jeg jammen dere greier å lese. (Hun blir litt redd selv, så hun må sitte på fanget mitt mens hun skriver… ;-) )

Vår lille rosa potetåker

22. juni 2010


Når man har en bitteliten hage må man være kreativ. Så dette er vår nye lille potetåker! Håper vi rekker å få en liten avling før kulda setter inn. :-)

This is our new pink potato field!

Linen covered book and bag

7. april 2010

I made this linen covered book for a good friend. Cristina helped me make the bag – i.e. she made the whole thing. Thanks! :-) I have wanted to put my books in boxes or bags for some time, so this is a start.





Gammel puff blir ny

16. februar 2010

Jeg liker så godt sånne gamle puffer med oppbevaring, og har drømt om å pusse opp denne lenge. Den har vært morfar sin, og har stått på hytta som han bygde på 1940-tallet. Slik så den ut:

Inni var den sånn:

…og etter mye stifting ser den sånn ut:

Min første møbel-oppussing, jippi!!!

Project Blue and Green

10. februar 2010

Me and my daughter spent the day by the project table (and by the fire). I tend to make a lot og pink and brown books, so today I wanted to do something different, and found all my blue and green stuff:


I’m going to make another embroidered book, and so far I’ve done the stitching with ribbon and beads. Later I’ll add the covers, and maybe a closure.


Meanwhile, my little helper is painting a very scary bat, with blood on its teeth…


Fake leather from paperbag

2. januar 2010


This is my first attempt at the fake leather technique described by e.g. Meredith Scheff and MRX DESIGNS. It was quite easy, and so much fun! Basically I took a brown paper bag, scrunched it up, flattened it again, and glued it to the book board using Acrylic matte medium. When it was dry, I painted it with acrylic paint. First I dabbed black paint all over the corners and sides, then I filled in the middle with dark red. I also dabbed red over the black paint, letting the black show through. Then I played with some copper paint to make it look used and beaten. In the end I cut out an ankh from some watercolour paper, painted that too, and glued it to the front with more matte medium. Then I sealed the whole thing with even more matte medium.


I think I used too much matte medium in the end, because it still has some white foam especially across the ankh, so I’ll be more careful next time!

Embroidered minibook

10. desember 2009


When I’m bored, I go on the internet and look for books about books. :-) So this week I got Isobel Hall’s “Embroidered Books”, and I got the urge to learn how to stitch… This little pink felt book has a very simple beaded embroidery on the front, and so called french stitching with beads on the spine. It’s 8,5 x 6 cm, a very nice format to work with when I try something new. At least I don’t waste a lot of good materials if I screw up…

I want to do more stitching!


Limp bindings from Tallinn

7. oktober 2009


Dette er det første forsøket på én av bøkene beskrevet i Monica Langwes bok “Limp bindings from Tallin”.  Jeg brukte et nydelig kuskinn som jeg kjøpte hos Flaarønning på Ler – det er matt og ulakkert eller hva det heter, og blir slitt og merket etterhvert som man bruker det. Så jeg regner med at boka får en skikkelig antikvarisk look med tiden. :-)